Festival Lookbook

Festival season is finally here! I've spent the last three days wandering around Finsbury park listening to the likes of Big Sean, Stormzy and Drake at Wireless Featival. One of the most prominant aspects of festivals (other than glitter) is of course the fashion.

Deciding what to wear can be a bit of a struggle, so if you're struggling for ideas take a look at what I wore to Wireless this year.

D A Y  O N E

For the first day I went for a crochet top and skirt. Big mistake!

I bought this cropped crochet top from Missguided ageees ago and never had the confidence to wear it. It's the prettiest top but you can't wear a bra with it and until recently, I've always been very self conscious about not wearing a bra as I felt like I looked completely flat chested without one.

As much as I'm in love with this top, halfway through the day (right in the middle of Big Sean's set) the strap broke. If my boyfriend hadn't of figured out a way to tie it back up I would have been walking around topless.

Unfortunately, I bought this top over a year ago so it's no longer available to purchase.

The perfect accomplice to my top was of course, this petite embroidered denim skirt from Topshop. When I saw this skirt I ummed and ahhed about purchasing it, but I'm so glad I did as it's one of the prettiest things I own!

However, I wouldn't advise wearing a skirt to a festival as sitting around on the grass can be very awkward.

I bought the skirt last year and unfortunately can't find it on Topshop's website, but you can purchase a similar one here.

D A Y  T W O

I went a bit more practical for the second day with shorts that would allow me to sit down easily and a top that wouldn't break!

This top is so cute! And would you believe it's from Primark?! My mum picked it out for me a few days ago, and it's in my favourite colour! I'd definitely advise heading down to Primark before it's discontinued.

I chose to pair this with shorts (for obvious reasons) and finished the look off with this belt from New Look I've been eyeing up for some time.

D A Y  T H R E E 

And finally, for the last day I wore this black bralet top from Missguided. Again, I bought this a long time ago so it's no longer available, although a similar top is available here. My shorts also made an appearance for the second day in a row.

My necklace is from Truflair, who were kind enough to send it to me (along with a pair of earrings) for free. If you visit their website you can use my discount code 'LETICIA15' to get money off your order!

I really enjoyed my weekend at Wireless Festival, and the best part about it all? I didn't have to wear a bra at all in the 30 degree heat! Are you going to any festivals this year?