My Everyday Makeup Routine


I've never really been one to use primer, but after a trip to the Fenty Beauty counter in Harvey Nichols, I was persuaded into purchasing the Fenty primer to go along with the foundation. I was told that it would bring a much smoother application. Personally, I don't really see a difference. I'll probably continue to use primer once this bottle's run out although I'll purchase one from a high street brand instead.

I was dubious about whether this foundation would live up to its hype or not, and it definitely does! It gives a really good coverage without looking cakey or flakey and the range provides a colour for every skin tone there is! One thing I can say is that this foundation is quite shiny, which might put some people off, but if you don't like this you can easily fix it with a little dab of finishing powder over the top.

The Fenty Match Stix concealer pairs really well with the Fenty foundation. I usually apply it underneath my eyes and down the bridge of my nose. I found that it didn't work the way that I wanted it to around my eyebrows, so I use the highlight side of the NYX Sculpt and Highlight duo for that.

When it comes to concealer, I'll usually opt for the Fenty Match Stix contour. It works well to create a natural looking contour whilst also having the potential to create a more dramatic look if needed. I do still occasionally use the NYX Sculpt and Highlight Duo for my contour but I tend to lean more towards the Fenty contour stick.

I use the Fenty Highlighter stick to highlight my cheek bones and nose as I find it creates a natural highlight whilst still standing out. I use the W7 highlighter to highlight the corners of my eyes and the arch of my eyebrows. 



I have various eyeshadow palettes that I use. My favourite one is one from Boots with about 50 different colours in. I tend to go for shimmery eyeshadows rather than a matte finish. 

EYELINER - Primark Black Liquid Eyeliner

Believe it or not, my favourite eyeliner is created by primark. Out of every single eyeliner I've tried, theirs has stayed on the best. Even after falling asleep drunk after nights out, I can wake up in the morning and my eyeliner will still be practically perfect. And the best thing is it's only £1.

I'm constantly changing my mascaras but I'm currently using this one. It lifts my eyelashes, making them appear fuller and isn't clumpy at all.


I use an eyebrow pencil to outline the shape of my eyebrows. I use a colour slightly lighter than my eyebrows to create a more natural look.

You don't need too much of this, unless you want extremely prominent eyebrows! A little goes a long way and leaves your eyebrows looking great.


I use too many products to list on my lips. I usually go for a brown lipstick and apply my Fenty Beauty Gloss Bomb Universal Lip Luminizer over the top. I'm not wearing it in the photo above although I love how it looks and it leaves my lips extremely glossy.