My Latest Purchase: HP Sprocket

Everybody loves polaroid pictures. There's something about them that makes them so much more appealing than the regular 6x4 pictures you can get printed. That's why I decided to purchase a polaroid camera. A few years ago I bought the Instax Polaroid and fell in love. The only problem with it is that the settings can be very temperamental, resulting in the majority of my pictures being too dark or too bright. It also meant that whenever I wanted to take a polaroid picture I'd have to bring the camera with me, which isn't always practical. Although I do still use my polaroid, I purchased the HP Sprocket Photo Printer as well so that I could get any picture I wanted printed from my phone in polaroid style. 

Although the quality isn't as goos as I'd hoped for, the mini printer comes in very handy and I've been able to get a lot of old pictures printed that I've always wanted in polaroid form. What's also good about it is that you don't necessarily have to print your pictures in polaroid form. With the Sprocket app, you can edit your picture before printing and choose from an array of different boarders, stickers and filters. If you simply want to print the picture as it is, you can do that as well which is something that I really like about the printer.

So, if you're thinking about buying the HP Sprocket then you need to bare in mind that the quality of the pictures aren't amazing but personally, that's something I can live with and is the only fault I can find with the printer.

The printer itself is £119 (currently reduced to £109) and comes with a 10 sheet pack of photo paper. Once this runs out you'll have to refill the paper which costs £9.99 for 20 although they often have offers and reductions to look out for.