GIRL TALK: Dealing With Periods

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Periods. Nobody likes them but everybody gets them. They're just something that, unfortunately for us girls, we have to deal with. I've decided to talk about periods and answer a few of the questions that young girls might have who are about to, or have just started their periods. This post is also for parents who might need a bit of extra help when their daughter starts asking questions.

3 Things I Wish I Knew Before Starting University

In about a months time, teenagers all over the world will be getting ready to start university. For many, this will mean moving across the country (or even the world) and into somewhere completely new. Although this is extremely exciting, I know how nerve-wracking and scary the whole process can be.

Before I moved into halls, I was so nervous I was actually dreading the moment we arrived. What if I didn't like my flatmates? What if I didn't meet anyone? Would I have to attend freshers events on my own? Thoughts like these are all too common and it's completely natural to worry about starting uni.

There are a lot of things I wish I'd known before starting uni, but I've managed to limit it down to my top three. It's important to remember that everyones university experience is different, so what applies to me may not apply to everyone.

1 .    Y O U ' R E   N O T   G U A R A N T E E D   T O   M A K E   F R I E N D S   W I T H   Y O U R   F L A T M A T E S   O R   C O U R S E M A T E S .

When I first moved into halls, I instantly bonded with (most of) my flatmates. I even ended up moving into a flat with them in second year. Since I got on so well with my flatmates, I was surprised to hear from other people in halls that their experience was the exact opposite.

Flats in halls are put together randomly. Some of you may be lucky enough to get on with your flatmates, and maybe even become good friends. However, for a lot of you your flatmates will just be people you share a kitchen (and possibly a bathroom) with. Not everybody is going to get along, but it doesn't matter because there's many other ways to make friends!

During the first week, there were a lot of kitchen parties around campus where people would socialise and get to know each other. A lot of the people I know made friends that way. My halls also hosted a freshers fair and speed meeting events, which could be a great way to get to know people.

Top Tip: Don't be afraid to attend freshers events by yourself. Everyone is in the same boat when they first start uni

Although I was extremely lucky with my flatmates, I didn't get the same luck when I met my course mates. I didn't really seem to bond with any of them straight away, everyone just seemed so different to me. I was friendly with some of them, but I wouldn't actually class any of them as friends. Eventually, I made friends with two of my course mates and we get on really well. This was my experience, although I know a lot of people who have made really good friends with the people on their course.

The most important thing to remember is that you will make friends, but everyone meets people differently. So don't worry if you don't like your flatmates or if you don't get on with your course mates, you will make friends! Just don't lock yourself away in your room. Get out and enjoy your first year of uni before the real work begins!

2 . Y O U   W I L L   H A V E   D O U B T S   -   A   L O T   O F   T H E M .

I didn't experience this so much in my first year, but during second year all I wanted to do was leave. It got to the point where I had tons of assignments and no inspiration or motivation for them at all. The fact that I was working practically full-time didn't help either. If I wasn't at work, I was at uni, and if I wasn't at uni I was writing assignments.

Honestly, I just feel like everything got on top of me and I just wanted to quit and not deal with the stress of it all. This feeling isn't uncommon. I know a lot of people who felt the same way as me, and some who did actually quit.

When you're feeling like this, it's important to remember why you came to uni in the first place and the amount of hard work you put in to be there. If you quit at the first hurdle, what was all that for? Not to mention the amount of money you've spent (or student finance have spent) on your course, which you will still have to pay back regardless of whether you actually graduate or not.

Of course it is your decision at the end of the day, but please don't let a bad week (or even month) stop you from graduating. Don't let all the effort you put in go to waste.

3 .   B U D G E T I N G ,   R E N T   A N D   B I L L S .

For many of you, this will be your first real experience with budgeting on top of paying bills and rent. This is something that a lot of uni students struggle with, especially when they're given a big sum of money and told to make it last for three months. Here are a few tips on making it last:

- PAY YOUR RENT IN ADVANCE. If you get an allowance through Student Finance, you'll be given a portion of your loan every three months. The best thing to do is pay three months rent in advance so you know how much you have left to spend on yourself.

- WORK OUT YOUR WEEKLY BUDGET. Get your calculator out and divide it all up. That way you know how much you can spend.

- DIVIDE IT BETWEEN BANK ACCOUNTS. If you have more than one bank account, put all your money in one and transfer your weekly allowance over to your main one. This will help you budget yourself. If you can't do this, try sending the money over to a family member who will help budget it for you.

- ALLOW FOR BILLS. If you have set bills each month, make sure you take this out of your allowance so that you're never short.

- USE YOUR OVERDRAFT WISELY. Having a student overdraft is the most useful, but also the most dangerous thing ever. Only use it when you really need it and avoid going too far into it. You will regret it.

If you're getting ready to go to uni in September, good luck! It seems scary but it will be one of the best times of your life so make sure you make the most of it. I hope these little tips make your university experience a little easier.

The Perfect Summer Case | iDeal of Sweden*

Hey guys! So something really exciting happened recently.... I got to collab with iDeal of Sweden! I’ve loved their brand for so long so I was extremely excited when they wanted to work with me. They even gave me my own code 'SUNDAY20' so that you guys can get 20% off your purchase!

For those of you who don't know, iDeal of Sweden is a Swedish fashion and lifestyle brand, who mainly sell phone cases and accessories. Not only are all their products beautifully designed, the phone cases and wallets are magnetic making them compatible with each other! How amazing is that?!

I'm still dying to get a wallet and one of their magnetic mounts, but for now I'm extremely pleased with my phone case. Since it's Summer, I obviously chose the most tropical, summery one I could find... and what's more tropical than pineapples?

They have such a wide range of phone cases and accessories to choose from that there's no doubt you'll find exactly what you're looking for. Whenever I'm shopping for a new phone case, I often come across the most beautiful cases, but the problem is very few are designed for the iPhone X. It's so hard to find a pretty, high-quality phone case for this phone. I was so pleased to see that iDeal of Sweden was one of the few brands who tick all the boxes!

D E S I G N - I absolutely love the design of this case! I particularly like the gold hallmark at the bottom. Honestly, this case arrived exactly how I expected it to. Often,with phone cases, you don't really know what you're buying. Something that looks absolutely gorgeous in the advertising photo could turn up looking like a completely different product, I've had that happen to me too many times! This case is beautifully designed inside and out so there's no need to worry about that when placing your order.

Q U A L I T Y - One of my main concerns when it comes to ordering phone cases is the quality. It's clear that iDeal of Sweden have put a lot of thought into the quality and design of their phone cases. All cases are hard shelled and even come fitted with a soft cushion inside the case for your phone to rest on. If you're unsatisfied with your case (which I highly doubt you will be) all products come with one years warranty and a 30 day return policy. You haven't really got anything to lose.

F U N C T I O N - As I mentioned previously, iDeal of Sweden phone cases and wallets are fitted with magnets to make them compatible with each other. Although this isn't something that's particularly necessary, it's undeniably useful for when you're rooting through your bag in a rush to find them.

Visit to get your case now! Don't forget to use the code 'SUNDAY20' to get 20% off your purchase.

*Although this is a sponsored post, all views and opinions are my own and completely truthful*

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4 Shows I've Been Loving on Netflix Lately


I seem to have a bit of a love/hate relationship with Netflix. There are times that I'll become so engrossed in a series that I watch it every day for hours on end. But there are also times I scroll through and can't find a single thing so I won't use it for weeks on end. It can be hard to find decent shows on Netflix sometimes so I thought I'd share a few of my recent favourites with you.

GIRL TALK: Dealing with Unwanted Male Attention

So it's Tuesday, which means it's time for another post in my Girl Talk series! Today I thought I'd talk about unwanted male attention and how to deal with it.

As a woman, it's evident that you're going to get male attention from time to time. Sometimes it'll be harmless and you'll welcome it, although other times it can get a little too much. There even comes a point where it can become scary when a male comes on too strong, especially when you're alone at night. Here's are a few things I do to deal with it when I'm in that situation.

Period Self-Care with Bettybox *

Bettybox is the UK's first monthly subscription box that focuses on that time of the month. The girls over at Betty Collective were kind enough to send me one of their boxes to try out and I couldn't be more excited!

GIRL TALK: Body Confidence and Self-Love

Hey guys! So you might have already guessed (or seen me talking about it on social media), but I've decided to start a blog series! Basically, the idea behind it is to write blog posts, either fortnightly or monthly, surrounding important issues that girls have to deal with. This could be anything from self-confidence and body image issues to sex and relationships. I'll be asking you guys over on my twitter what posts you want to see so make sure you're following me so you can have your say!

Apps Every Blogger Needs

Hey guys! I've had a very busy couple of weeks and the blog posts have been coming in very slow but I'm going to try my best to keep on top of everything from now on!

I asked you all over on my Twitter what blog post you'd like to see next and you responded with this! Keep reading to find out what apps I use for blogging.

P H O T O  E D I T I N G

Prepare yourself for a lot of editing apps coming your way! I use every single one of these apps to edit my blog and Instagram pictures. Not all at the same time (I might on the very rare occasion), but I use every single one frequently and they each help to enhance my pictures in a different way.

VSCO - Free

This is my go-to app for editing pictures. I use it every single time I edit a picture, without fail. I'm very fussy with filters and can very rarely find one I like, but this app has the prettiest filters I use almost every time! There are many free filters to choose from although you can also buy filter packs for very little. Personally, I use 'The Aesthetic Series' which is available in the shop for free.

I also use this app to edit the exposure, tone, white balance etc. I'd be lost without it.


After light is useful when it comes to brightening up your pictures. Increasing the exposure of a picture generally tends to leave it looking a bit washed out. With Afterlight, the brightness option brightens up the picture without giving it that effect. It's especially helpful when editing flatlay's and white backgrounds.

Another feature I sometimes use is their frames. When I'm creating an Instagram story and I want to add another picture to it, I like to place the picture inside a polaroid frame. You can find these on this app under Instant Films.


I don't tend to use this app very often, but when I do it comes in extremely handy! Snapseed has a healing feature that allows you to get rid of imperfections within a picture. For example, do you have litter in your otherwise perfect outfit picture? Nine times out of ten, you can get rid of that with Snapseed's healing feature. It's so handy!


I use this app when the backgrounds of my pictures are looking pretty dull. Facetune's whitening feature can change the appearance of your photos like that! Another feature I find really useful is the Matte tool. If you're looking a bit shiny in your selfies, you can use this to tone it down a bit and get that matte look.


Surprisingly, two of my favourite filters are on Instagram stories! The filters 'Oslo' and 'Melbourne' are really good for brightening up your pictures and I've been using them more and more frequently as of recent.

S O C I A L  M E D I A

Social media is extremely important in terms of growing your blog. These are the platforms that work best for me.

INSTAGRAM - @thesundaydiarys

Of course, Instagram is top of the list. Since creating my Instagram account, I've received countless offers to collaborate with brands and a significant increase in blog traffic. If you haven't made an Instagram account for your blog, I'd advise doing so ASAP as it can take you from being a blogger wannabe to one of the best in the game (depending on how effectively you use it).

TWITTER - @thesundaydiarys

I've started and stopped my twitter account countless numbers of times and it hasn't been until recently that I've actually started seeing the benefits of it. Twitter allows you to connect with other bloggers, advertise your blog and engage with your audience. Make sure to be active and interact with other users and Twitter is sure to benefit your blog.

BLOGLOVIN' - The Sunday Diary

Bloglovin' is the best platform to grow your blogs following. It allows users to follow your page and get notifications when you post.


UNUM - Free

UNUM is a must-have app when it comes to Instagram. It allows you to plan your Instagram post and ensure your pictures fit with your feed before you actually post them. There's also a scheduling feature, which seems like it could be quite handy. Personally, I've never used it, although I can see how it would be helpful to those on a busy schedule and may be too busy to post at prime time.

TRIBE - Free

I've only recently discovered this app, but it's amazing! For all the Instagram influencers, TRIBE is the app for you. Through TRIBE, you can get paid to recommend products that you love. However, you do have to have over 3,000 followers to be applicable.

So these are the main apps I use when blogging, although there are still many more useful apps I use. Do you use any of these apps as well?

Festival Lookbook

Festival season is finally here! I've spent the last three days wandering around Finsbury park listening to the likes of Big Sean, Stormzy and Drake at Wireless Featival. One of the most prominant aspects of festivals (other than glitter) is of course the fashion.

Inexpensive Date Ideas | London

Date nights are always fun but at the end of the day, they can prove to be quite costly. All those fancy dinners and cinema/theatre tickets do add up, especially when you're a uni student! Lately, my boyfriend and I have been trying to save our pennies.